Anti condensation DR!PSTOP is material that is layered on profiles I-18, I-40, I-60, I-85 and Mediteraneo during the manufacturing of profiles.


DR!PSTOP is economical solution for condensation related problems in building with nonisolated roof.

It is selfadhesive membrane that we stick to the bottom of the metal sheet.

DR!PSTOP can be used in almost every environment (construction) where there is a condensation problem.


When the temperature and humidity reach the dew point leads to vapor condensation on the underside of uninsulated tin roof. If condensation is large enough, the water formed drops beginning to fall, with damaging materials, which are located below deck. Traditional methods of problem solving involves condensation roof insulation so that the temperature of the roof panels never reaches the dew point. The roof plate is equipped with a membrane DR!PSTOP provides capture condensate in a specially formed pockets that are located in the membrane. DR!PSTOP condensate reserves until conditions return to below the dew point. In so doing, the condensate passes back into the air in the form of a simple moisture.


For users
• No more dripping from the roof.
• Sustainability - DR!PSTOP is resistant to tearing, tearing and abrasion compared to standard insulation materials for retention of condensate).
• Easy to clean (using water hoses and cleaning equipment under pressure).