Lim Centar d.o.o. is a family firm founded in the year of 2010, as an successor of tinsmith workshop LIM-TIM which was founded by two brothers, Radovan and Mirko Petrović, in 2003, as a small, quality workshop capable to answer all the needs and requirements that clients had for tinsmith service on construction installations in residential and industrial construction. (houses, buildings, halls, warehouses, garages,…)

Our main characteristic is responsibility as to clients so as to our employees and family. With development of experience and extent of work, the tendency for better tomorrow, workshop expanded to a new business space in which is a workshop, showroom and sales room. Our new office space is in suburb of southern Belgrade, Čukarica-Makiš.

In order to improve quality in newly built business space can be found all answers to questions and entails in a field of construction metal work, regardless of quantity and extent of desired requirements of clients.

Technical advices, high quality workmanship, speed of installation and reasonable price are the key elements that are keeping us at the very top of our profession.

Looking forward to good cooperation, yours Lim Centar d.o.o.